The Electric Vectors

Every once-in-a-while as a designer you get asked to do a project that you get REALLY excited about. For me, this was one.

The LOST Easter Egg

Throughout the 5 seasons and now 1 episode of LOST the creators have placed numerous ‘Easter Eggs’ into the show. In the premier episode of season 2, we caught our first glimpse of the Dharma initiative logo only it wasn’t on the Dharma hatch…it was on the fin of a shark. The Dharma shark resurfaced…


Tonight marks ‘the beginning of the end’ for one of the great television shows in recent history. It is the premier episode of the sixth and final season and if you’re like me you’ve been watching and patiently (or sometimes not so patiently) waiting for answers. To celebrate the event that will start to bring…

Let Guy Dupuy DUNK!

Guy Dupuy is one of the best dunkers in the world and a member of Team Flight Brothers (TFB) – an elite dunk squad that travels the globe blowing audiences away. If you don’t know, check the video here. Currently TFB is doing all they can to get the NBA to put Guy into the…

Hardwood killer

Kevin Durant has been named the Western Conference Player of the Week. So it is in his honor that I repost this illustration. Keep killing it KD.