Rapper’s Delight, vol. 1

The first part of a series commemorating some of the greatest rappers in history. Vol. 1 features The Notorious B.I.G., Nas and Method Man.

The Perpetual Itch

Day-in and day-out I come to work, sit in my cubicle and try to be as creative as possible within the box that surrounds any creative thought in a corporate environment. Every once in a while I get that itch that tells me there’s a creative beast inside of me dying…no, threatening to kill me from the inside out if I don’t free it. This is why I illustrate.

Eminem – Detroit’s Finest

Just a little illustration exercise featuring the one and only Eminem. Simply titled ‘Detroit’s Finest’ I tried to capture his Detroit, urban roots in this piece.

The Electric Vectors

Every once-in-a-while as a designer you get asked to do a project that you get REALLY excited about. For me, this was one.