Tobias Fünke | Characters

Series of prints featuring great characters from one of my favorite characters in television history.

Cleaning house

On Friday, January 3, I will be removing 16 prints from the Dark Wing Store to make room for new stuff in the coming year. Each of the following will be marked down until they are removed so be sure to get your hands on that print you’ve been eyeing before it’s gone!

C. Montgomery Burns Tee

I just can’t stay away from these Threadless character challenges! While I’m still awaiting word on whether or not my Plankton tee is getting printed, please go score my SEÑOR BURNS tee in The Simpsons challenge!

Best in the World

Illustration featuring WWE’s CM Punk aka the best in the world.

Mr. Perfect

Latest illustration featuring Curt Hennig aka Mr. Perfect.

Plankton’s Propaganda

My design for the Threadless Spongebob Squarepants tee-shirt design challenge featuring the diminutive Plankton.

Barney Ross

Latest print featuring Sylvester Stallone aka Barney Ross from The Expendables.

Ron Swanson

Illustration featuring one of the greatest characters in television history and fellow delicious meats enthusiast, Ron Swanson.