Phoenix Suns Star Wars Night

I was asked to create an illustration that will be used on the cover of the in-game program for the Phoenix Suns 3rd Star Wars Night.

Gerald Green: Phoenix Suns

Gerald Green has been a pleasant surprise for the pleasantly surprising Phoenix Suns this season. I did this illustration in his honor.

Baby Lebron

My latest illustration featuring the Phoenix Suns’ young, super-athletic point guard Eric Bledsoe.

Dark Wing Store

From now through Sunday all small prints (8” x 9”) in the Dark Wing Store are on sale for $14 PLUS free shipping!

The Hawk

Illustration of the great Connie Hawkins.

The Dunk

“Little man, you got me little man…that was good little man…that was a nice dunk…don’t bring it in again little man!” – Hakeem Olajuwon There’s not much to cheer about when it comes to the Phoenix Suns these days so this is to remind Suns fans of the good times…you know, before Robert Sarver, Lon…

James Harden: Houston Rockets

James Harden is now a member of the Houston Rockets. To commemorate the change, I’ve decided to update my illustration of my fellow Sun Devil.