The Forgotten 1

Tracy McGrady


It has become apparent to me that the more time passes, the more people tend to forget just how great of a basketball player Tracy McGrady was. Had injuries not derailed so much of his career, we would be discussing him and Kobe and debating who was greater. Don’t believe me? Go check their stats from 2001 – 2004 and then get back to me. Also, of the two of them, TMac is the only one to record a PER of over 30 in a season.

This quick illustration is my tribute to one of the (if not THE) most talented offensive players in the history of the NBA. I did three versions so whether you remember his epic showdown as a Raptor with Vince and The Franchise in the 2000 dunk contest (okay, TMac and Francis were really just playing for second but they definitely brought it), his 62 point explosion as a member of the Orlando Magic or his amazing 13 points in 33 seconds in the Rockets red – there’s a version for you.

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