Michael Beasley: Phoenix Suns

My beloved Phoenix Suns have officially started the post-Steve Nash era. When the Canadian who facilitated one of the best and most fun stretches in Phoenix Suns history turned heel and left to join the Los Angeles Lakers, it left a team that just 3 seasons ago played in the Western Conference Finals with a huge void. The Suns made a lot of moves this summer to try and fill that hole. Some I liked (getting Scola on one of the best contracts in the NBA was a nice grab) and some I didn’t (I won’t get into it here but I’m not a fan of Goran Dragic).

However, with all the moves my favorite was bringing in the smooth-scoring lefty known as B*Easy aka Michael Beasley. What can I say? I’m a sucker for players who can score with ease. If we had brought him in pre-Hollywood Steve Nash he could have easily averaged 25 points a night. As is, I see him being a huge part of the revamped Suns offense and I’m excited.

This is available as an open edition print.

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