For the birds

The life of a Graphic Designer is a funny one. For every good design that makes it out to the public eye there are hundreds of just-as-good if not better designs that are never seen by more than the few people involved in the process. Many times these designs that fall to the cutting room floor are some of my favorites. Often I will try and salvage them for use in different projects if I really like them. The following is one of those times.

Twitter football
Bird created for a football twitter promotion.

The other day at work I was working on a rather high-profile project. As part of the process, I was asked to come up with 5 concepts that went with different headlines that our very talented copywriter was able to come up with. Without going into too much detail, the design was for a buy now and save money on your 2011 vacation campaign. One of the headlines was something to the effect of  ‘the early bird gets the worm’ and I came up with several different birds to use in the campaign. This concept actually ended up being one of my two favorites but was rejected because we use birds for all of our twitter promotions (fortunately, the one that was chosen was my other favorite).

Not wanting to let my bird work go to waste, I decided to do a little illustration representing my wife, daughter and myself that I plan to hang in my daughter’s room. So while I was disappointed that the design didn’t get accepted for the campaign I’m happy that I was able to use it for something. Below is the illustration representing my little family as well as a collection of other birds I came up with for this concept.

Dustin Watson: Bird illustrations

As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated (especially with these types of things that are so different from what I normally do) so feel free to comment, rate and tweet to let me know what you think.


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