Chad Ocho Cinco (formerly known as Chad Johnson) is one of the most polarizing players in the NFL. While many claim to hate what he does on and off the field, others (myself included) find him extremely entertaining. Personally, I’m all in on Ocho. Everything he does is entertaining (okay, I haven’t actually watched his reality dating show because I’m not big on those types of shows but I’m assuming I would be somewhat entertained if I ever decided to sit down and watch a few minutes). Yes, Ocho gets paid millions to play a sport and while some see a player who doesn’t take that seriously I see a dude just out there doing exactly what pro athletes should be doing – having fun (without hurting his team) while playing the sport they love.

I did this illustration to show my appreciation for what Chad Ocho Cinco does – hope you guys enjoy it. As always comments, ratings, clickings of the ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’ buttons are all very much appreciated. Oh, and if any of you who see this happen to know Ocho, pass it his way because I figure if anyone would appreciate an illustration of Ocho it would be…well, Ocho.

Cincinatti Bengals WR, Chad Ocho Cinco


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