It’s Tuesday and this guy is awesome…

Hello friendly readers, as some of you may know I like to give fellow illustrators a shoutout in this space every once-in-a-while and today just happens to be one of those days. I actually found this dude through a random twitter post that led to a blog that had one of his illustrations. From there I did a quick google search, found his blog, sent him a message letting him know I love his stuff and here we are. Kevin Roche has an awesome style and a very funny sense of humor which he combines to make some awesomely hilarious illustrations.

Like me, Kev enjoys illustrating sports related subjects – my favorites are probably his works featuring several ESPN personalities – but also mixes in some pop culture here and there. He’s basically the Bill Simmons of illustration. You can find Kev over at his blog ‘Kev Juice Pure Premium’ and contact him via email at kevroche at bellsouth dot com. I hope you all enjoy this dude’s work as much as I do…for a little taste of the Kev Juice I’m posting one of my favorite illustrations of his below. Alls I know is I’m definitely sipping the Kev Juice and am glad I took the time to find him.

Kevin Roche, Kev Juice


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