Beauty is in the Eyes…or something like that

I’m a lucky man. I have a beautiful wife of over 6 years who has given me a beautiful little daughter. Unfortunately, my wife (who is a woman) sometimes questions her beauty. For a man there are very few things that are more frustrating than when a beautiful woman gets depressed about her looks. It immediately sets off every alert in our systems trying to find out what we did wrong. Did I not tell her I love her? Did I stare at the woman who walked by a little too long? Did I compliment another woman while in her presence? Did I wear that tee shirt that she doesn’t like when I should’ve dressed a little nicer? Did I laugh and mockingly defend Tiger Woods’ sexcapades back in January for which she is just now showing that she is upset? All of these things go through our heads and you want to know why? Because we’ve gotten in trouble for all of these things. See, women have us trained well. We are trained to immediately try and figure out what WE did wrong even if your issue has nothing to do with us. But I’m getting a little off track.

My point is my wife is beautiful. Of course she doesn’t look like she did the day I met her when she was 18 and had every guy at Eastern Arizona College drooling over the chance to date her (I won!) and I wouldn’t expect her to – especially after giving birth. She does, however, continue to be one of the most beautiful women that I have ever known. See her beauty isn’t just in her body (although she does have very nice curves) but in her face, in her eyes (she has AMAZING eyes) and most importantly in who she is as a person.

In an effort to be sure she sees what I see when I look at her I have created this illustration. No matter what time/children/whatever else may come does to her, she will always be beautiful because she will always have those eyes that serve as a window into who she really is. I’m a lucky man, even if I do have to deal with the occasional bout of self doubt from my beautiful wife.

Erin's eyes

I hope you enjoy this illustration. As always comments, ratings and even criticisms are more than welcome – especially on a piece like this that is so different than my normal stuff.


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