Rajon Rondo came into the NBA a knucklehead. Like we’ve seen too many times before it seemed his head and attitude were going to prevent him from becoming the player that he was built to be (with his arms that are too long and large hands/quick feet/athletic ability to match). However, even playing in the shadow of (probably) 3 future Hall of Famers Rondo has flourished and become the best and most valuable player on his team. With his Celtics down 2 games to 1 to the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, it is now on Rondo to lead his team back to the ultimate prize…the NBA’s O’brien trophy.

Now, I’m not a Celtics fan but I HATE the Lakers and am rapidly becoming one of the biggest Rondo fans on the planet (remember when the Suns drafted him and then shipped him away – that sucked)…in fact, I’m afraid my cheering for Rondo and the Celtics during these Finals is going to turn my year-old daughter into a Celtics fan but I just can’t help myself, but I digress. Here is my latest illustration in honor of this extremely talented young man. As always comments, ratings and criticisms are much appreciated.

Boston Celtic PG Rajon Rondo


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