JMZ…Jared Dudley is bringing you the PHX Suns news

Few NBA role players in history have been as fun to follow both on the court and off as Jared Dudley has been this season for the Phoenix Suns. Whether he is twittering about his most recent activities, hitting 3’s from anywhere behind the arc, diving for loose balls or shooting exclusive video footage with teammates, one thing’s for sure…dull moments are few and far between. He has become the self-proclaimed JMZ (a spin on the gossip news company known as TMZ) and has been bringing his exclusive coverage to fans far and wide. However, with all of this he has lacked a certain icon. Something that puts as much of a smile on the viewers face as does the breaking ‘news’ (which includes PHX Suns Cribs and locker room interviews about dunks and game winners). So, of course, I felt it was only right that I step in and offer my services. Without further ado, I present the official JMZ icon.

Jared Dudley, Phoenix Suns

For more visit @JaredDudley619 on twitter.

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