Suns vs Mavs contest

The slumping Phoenix Suns (who not only have a losing record since December 1, but have lost approximately 752 TNT televised games in a row) take on a Mavericks team that has won a record 10 straight 1 point games. Something will give tonight. Fortunately for the Suns, my artwork (below) is being featured on the Free Throw (the Suns game program). The last time my artwork was featured was Monday, December 28 of last year. That night we took on the Western Conference leading LA Lakers…and won! That’s right, my artwork is good luck. So in honor of personally being responsible for breaking the Suns out of 2 slumps tonight, I’m going to do a little contest and give away a poster of the featured Amare illustration. The rules are simple, in the comments tell me why you follow the Suns. That’s it. You can tell me in poem, song, or tear-jerking letter. At the end of the day I’ll pick my favorite and ship the poster. Check back after the Suns game to see if you won…good luck!

Amare Stoudemire

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