Paying homage…

At the start of this New Year I feel that it is only appropriate that I give credit where credit is due. As an illustrator I have been influenced by many great artists. Some I know personally, some I have had brief conversations with via email and some I’ve just admired from afar. All have helped inspire me and pushed me to become better.

Kadir Nelson: One of my favorite traditional medium artists, Nelson is renowned for his brilliant pieces covering many different topics. I fell in love with his urban basketball works such as this one (my personal favorite).

Joe Dion: Joe’s illustration work is probably the biggest inspiration behind my style. Joe’s ability to work with color and make illustrations pop and come to life is, to put it simply, amazing. Picking a favorite is near impossible but this is the piece that first caught my eye.

Travis Gauthier: I first met Trav at ASU where we attended together. We now work with one another at US Airways. Travis has always been an inspiration to me and I owe him my job as he helped me get on here when I was about to hit the street corners with a cardboard sign for lack of work.

Todd Macadangdang: As I was first dipping my toes in the pool that is illustration, Todd’s work grabbed me and pulled me in head first. I instantly fell in love with his stuff and told myself that I wanted to be able to communicate to people through my work the same way that he is able to through his.

Thanks to these four (and countless more) I have been able to push myself and define my style. First and foremost, I hope that you enjoy the works that I do and second, I would hope that you would some time to scope out these other great artists.

Benjamin Linus

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